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Software coders for complex scalable web and mobile applications. We use relevant software tools to convert your ideas into real values. Want to know how we may help your project? Let's talk.
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Skills Overview

With over 11 year's of experience building sophisticated web and mobile applications for our clients all over the world. Below is a quick overview of our main technical skill sets and tools we use.


  • React/Redux/Angular
  • Javascript
  • Node.js
  • Webpack/Gulp/Grunt


  • Python/Django
  • Ruby/Rails
  • PHP
  • PostgresSQL/MySQL
  • MongoDB


  • Flutter
  • Unit Testing
  • UX/Wireframing
  • Sketch/Balsamiq
  • Graphics

A few of our projects

Truth is a social media app for creating and sharing, content based on the truth of God's word, the gospel, and this world. Truth is built for a community of…

Strimbl is your number one free music streaming app, available in 12 languages. Search and stream your favorite songs with Strimbl now.

Loveworld Next is a dynamic organization focused on promoting sustainable development through advocacy, capacity building, and entrepreneurship.

Africa is a beautiful continent with beautiful people and with a beautiful culture. We have come a long way, history has been eradicated from most of our schools. But we…

CECT mobile is designed with well-selected features to keep you updated and connected on the go. Host live meetings with the CECT App. Find out happenings in Christ embassy city…


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