Is learning Photoshop a must for developers?

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Is learning Photoshop a must for developers? Why is it so?  What are the advantages of learning Photoshop as a Developer? Well, if you ever asked yourself any of these questions, or you would like to find the answer to any of these questions, you have come to the right place! Today, I am going to tell you the answers to all these questions.

Is Learning Photoshop a Must for developers?

A lot of people may say that the answer to this question is no. But I feel that learning Photoshop for Developers is a must! Let’s say that you are a developer, working on a project for a client. And your client asks you to make the look of the Project a lot more appealing. Now, in order to make your project a lot more appealing would require you to design something in Photo editing/creating software, and what would be better than using Photoshop? If you are working in a team, or a group and even if a single person knows how to do stuff on Photoshop, you should be good. But what if there is no such person, then in such a case you are either left with two options :

Well, I am pretty much sure that you do not want to do the first thing. If you tell your client that you are incapable of something, that gives a negative impression to the client. Rather, you would like to hire a professional to do your work, which will cost you some money. Now, think to yourself, would it not be better if you know how to use Photoshop yourself? It will save you money and also the time that you would have to spend explaining your needs to the designer.

Also, this idea is applicable only for a small project or in a group where you are working on a comparatively small project or are on a tight budget. If you are working in a big company, there you will have dedicated people to do this job. But always, the more you know the better it is. Learning to do something is not a bad idea at all, it increases your value in the market these days.

Advantages of Learning Photoshop

For your convenience, let me summarize all the reasons that you should learn Photoshop if you are a developer or more precisely, a freelance developer.

And now the question that comes to your mind is where can you learn Photoshop. Right? Well, don’t worry. We will not let you wander around with that question in mind. There are various free tutorials available on the internet where you can learn all about Photoshop, but since you are going to learn Photoshop for a reason, i.e. just to make your applications or projects more appealing, you may not want to learn everything that is available on the internet.

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