Introduction To Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Most of us have been hearing a lot about artificial intelligence but we do not really have background knowledge as to what it is. We use AI(Artificial intelligence) in our everyday life. Now let us go into the meaning of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a copy of something natural for humans. It is the building of machines that are capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence. It is also the creation of machines that are very intelligent and capable of reasoning just like humans. You can also simply put it as the creation of machines commonly called robots to carry out tasks meant for humans without being directly instructed.


Below are some importance of Artificial intelligence to humans:

  1. To help humans and aid them to make better decisions.

  2. They reduce the stress and workload of humans.

  3. To aid human capabilities.

  4. To help find solutions to complex problems

  5. To help humans carry out duties as they are available at every time.

  6. They reduce errors and help humans to carry out tasks effectively.

  7. It improves the efficiency of our work.

  8. They help to speed up tasks.

  9. It helps to automate processes that were previously done manually.

  10. Helps to analyze data at a faster rate.

  11. Helps humans to make decisions faster.



  1. Reactive machines

  2. Limited memory

  3. Artificial general intelligence

  4. Artificial superintelligence



Reactive machines are one type of Artificial intelligence. It can not store memory and does not rely on things that happened in the past. They were designed to complete a limited number of duties. This machine is very reliable and efficient since it is designed to carry out only a few tasks.



This is another type of Artificial intelligence. However, unlike the reactive machines, the limited memory is able to store previous data. They are able to recall things that happened in the past and come up with clues. The limited memory is however more complex than the reactive machines.



This is the third type of Artificial intelligence. This type of Artificial intelligence has a very high level of human reasoning. It can carry out tasks such as processing languages, images, and others. This type of Artificial intelligence is also capable of reasoning like humans.



This is the fourth and the highest level of Artificial intelligence. This type of Artificial intelligence is able to exceed human ability. This type of AI is able to make rational decisions and even build emotional relationships.


Examples of Artificial intelligence. Here are some common examples of Artificial intelligence that we use in our everyday life: automated cars such as drones, robots, search engines, virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa, self-driving cars, bots, and others.



Below are some of the common uses of artificial intelligence in our everyday life.

  1. The health aspect: Artificial intelligence helps in taking notes of patients' information so as to increase efficiency. AI has also helped to build robots that are capable of performing surgeries on humans without getting tired. AI has also created machines that can carry out scans.

  2. Business: Artificial intelligence helps in the smooth running of businesses. It helps to create recommendations for customers. AI is also used in chatbots to communicate with customers thereby reducing human stress. It also helps business owners to filter their reviews and remove fake reviews.

  3. Personal use: Artificial intelligence helps us in online shopping to provide recommendations on products that we might want to buy. It also helps to make our daily routine easier by providing digital assistants that can help to organize our daily routine.

  4. Cyber security: AI helps to protect humans against cyber attacks. There are some Artificial intelligence machines that are specifically designed to recognize and fight cyber attacks and other threats.

In this article, I have given you basic knowledge about artificial intelligence. I have shown you the types, uses, and importance of Artificial intelligence. However, this is just a background introduction to artificial intelligence. If you wish to go deeper and learn more about Artificial intelligence then you can decide to take a course on it.

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